It’s your baby. We get it. You’re worried about scratches and corrosion, paperwork hassles and delays. Crowley logistics is here to put your mind at ease. When shipping your vehicle between the U.S. mainland, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean or Central America, our methods and systems are designed to treat you and your car gently, while transporting your vehicle to its destination quickly.

Your car is covered (literally)

Your car travels in a watertight garage not available anywhere else in the trade. Crowley’s roll-on roll-off (RO/RO) vessels that run between the U.S. and Puerto Rico spare your car from lifting or containering.
It’s protected from the elements and any rough treatment. If your vehicle is too large, we can easily ship it breakbulk where it will safely ride on deck.

Speed and reliability

The biggest advantage shippers gain when shipping air cargo is speed, which can be as fast as same-day delivery. This mode of transportation offers the fastest shipping times, as well as reliable arrival and departure times. For shippers who have time-sensitive cargo, such as perishables, an air-only or an ocean-to-air service (a Crowley program that combines ocean and air transport of perishable products from Central America to Asia and Europe via South Florida) might offer the best options.


While airport security can be a hassle for those of us who fly, strict regulations and screenings benefit air freight shippers. Cargo receiving areas and air terminals are highly monitored and secure, limiting the risk of theft or damage. Additionally, there is minimal handling and less time required for transit.
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Locations served

Even the most remote locations can be serviced by air. With a large operating footprint, airlines can provide air cargo services to nearly any location on the planet. Additionally, air cargo consolidators can provide bi-directional links between among many locations. This helps cargo move quickly and frequently.


Most air freight service providers offer web-based tracking that allows you to check the real-time status of your cargo, from destination to arrival.
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Services! Our air Freight services

Global air freight management Door-to-door, next flight out (NFO), next day, second-day air & economy service Time-definite service for sensitive delivery requirements Preparation of certificates of origin (COO) Consolidation/Deconsolidation (in select markets) Arranging for legalization, inspections, & TSA cargo screening Customs Brokerage services provided in-house for any U.S. destination Project cargo Air charter services

Cost of packaging

Because cargo is shipped in very lightweight packaging, there is reduced need for the packing materials and containers.
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Ocean Freight Services

Door-to-door sea freight transportation

No matter where your freight needs to go, UWL and our trusted network of carriers are ready to deliver. We can handle your full truckload shipments from any point to any point throughout the United States, and our strong relationships with major carriers mean competitive rates for you.

How do you know if full truckload is the right service for you? If your shipment is large enough to fill a whole truck (~16 pallets or more), contains high risk or high-value goods, or needs to get there fast, you should choose FTL.

Our transportation experts will help you determine the right truckload strategy to fit your business and help you optimize your operations to drive out cost and increase efficiencies. Contact us today!

Services & Capabilities

Full truckload shipping
Hazardous materials FTL shipping
High risk/high-value shipping
Tracking & visibility through WorldScope
Full EDI capabilities
POD imaging technology



Managing less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments can be a time-consuming process.  Easily manage tasks like price quoting, determining freight classes, and tracking shipments across multiple common carriers in one place through our LTL Portal.

Let UWL take the complexity out of LTL shipping and request a login today!

Services & Capabilities

  • Less than truckload shipping
  • LTL Carrier Marketplace & Shipment Management through the LTL Portal
  • Warehousing
  • Transloading





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We offer a range of delivery options and solutions for to assist in meeting our customer needs.

We use the most recent infrastructure and technology, as well as a delivery network comprised of stillages, crates, and roller cages We provide a range of solutions to meet your needs, and our customer experience is defined by dependability, value, and peace of mind. We collaborate with many of Ireland’s ,USA and the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturers, retailers, and distributors across all industry sectors.

We have an extensive storage facility catered to store products securely and effortlessly

Our temperature controlled storage solutions can cater for all product needs

We can offer Hazardous storage solutions


Advantages of Insuring Your Cargo with UWL's Policy:

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